Zepp@BIGBOX is now 
permanently closed

Thank you for the great times with us.

About the venue

Zepp@BIGBOX Singapore is a fully equipped live concert hall with high quality equipment. The venue houses a GrandMA ultra light for lighting control, and 2 units of Yamaha’s CL5 for the FOH and Monitor audio consoles. On top of that, a NEXO STM Series line array system featuring M46 main cabinets, STM B112 bass modules and M28 downfills has been specified for the house system, teamed with STM S118 subs.

The venue also has a variety of vocal and instrument microphones available for use.

Featured event

Payroll Software Singapore! An event for business owner

A showcase of Singapore's best HR software technology vendors notably Payboy and other gold sponsors for the event.

Location: Zepp@BIGBOX Singapore
Date: 10th August 2019 
Event Start: 10am
Door Open: 9am

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Past Events

Payroll Software Singapore! Event details

What is Payroll Software Singapore? - Event Description: To showcase the importance of having a Payroll software in place to automate your payroll processes. Having an HR software is a must in Singapore today as outdated excel methods can cost companies a lot of time processing Payroll with software. If you are a company in […]

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